• Data Center Assesment & Consultancy


    Thermal Assesment

    • Air, Temperature and Humidity measurements
    • Determine data center’s performance in doing equipment heat removal
    • Identify hot spots
    • Determine causes of hot spots and recommend how to reduce or eliminate them
    • CFD – computational fluid dynamics

    Electrical Assesment

    • Determine capacity and integrity of electrical system supplying the data center
    • Perform single point of failure analysis
    • One line drawing verification and update
    • Perform harmonic snapshot of the facility
    • Make recommendation to maximize system availability

    Flor Plan and facility equipment list

    • Log and update current floor plan
    • Inventory record of facility power infrastructure equipment
    • Inventory record of all air and rack equipment

    Finding and Recomendation Report

    • Detailed report that depicts true picture of data center
    • Improvement recommendation report to eliminate “hot spots”, improve airflow and reduce heat in data center
    • Improvement recommendation report to maximize system availability both now and in the future